Our Services

Corpwell Magnum Capital is a specialist practice that provides foreign direct investment services for international businesses looking to enter and expand their operations in Canada, Australia, and United State of America, New Zealand and Europe and CIS countries.

Business Advisory

We work to register foreign-owned firms in Canada, Australia, USA, Europe, New Zealand and CIS countries and advise companies on the best way to structure their entities to meet their business …..Read More

Business Valuations

As a buyer your success depends on identifying the acquisition targets that meet your investment objectives. This demands that you make the right decisions – every step of the way ….. Read More

Business Plans

It’s a tool for understanding how your business is put together. You can use it to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable and control the business’s fate. And of course, it’s a sales and recruiting …..Read More

Feasibility Report

A feasibility report is basically an analysis of a specific idea, and it is used to make informed decisions instead of just jumping in. It examines how effective a specific plan or project will be, but its main characteristic …..Read More

Pre-Investment and Entry Strategy Advisory

We advise on the suitability of an investment by comparing local market entry capabilities and analyzing the differing incentives of each market. Canada, Australia …..Read More

Business Settlement Services

Execute your proposed business plan. Understand the local business environment and culture.Understand the regulatory environment and related legal requirements …..Read More

Global Business Opportunities

CMC has all good understanding and resources to be able to offer viable business and investment of opportunities to discerning entrepreneurs. …..Read More

Awareness & Culture in Global Investment

At Corpwell Magnum Capital Inc, we believe that understanding and appreciating local culture is key to local success. The globe is a diverse region featuring multiple …..Read More